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Aurora Bakery Expansion

Campaign Introduction:

At Aurora Bakery, we are creating a unique gathering place where individuals with differing abilities engage with the broader community.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Jul 2022


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Jul 2022


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
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Campaign Story

About Us

Aurora Bakery is a retail shop on Main Street in Newport, NH and part of Road To Independence (RTI), a 501 (c) 3. The goal of RTI is to offer meaningful work experiences that enhance life skills valuable in all aspects of their lives.

Since 2011, RTI has offered non-riding donkey, horticultural and outreach programs. Aurora Bakery was added in 2017.

See articles about our business and crowdfunding campaign in the Eagle Times: For The Love Of Baking: Aurora Bakery offers a platter of opportunities and the Newport Times: The Local Crowd Upper Valley: Building Regional Prosperity and Resilience.

At our bakery, participants work in all aspects of a retail bakery:

  • Making baked goods from scratch
  • Packaging and presenting products for sale
  • Serving customers


After four years of growth and development with broad community support, Aurora Bakery has a unique opportunity to expand at its present location. The physical expansion from 450 to 950 square feet has doubled our footprint. The larger and more efficient workspace has allowed us to:

  • Develop a more genuine work environment to accommodate more than one participant at a time
  • Participate in a second Farmers Market which increased both revenue and our customer base
  • Attract additional volunteers to work with participants and produce bakery products
  • Transition two more participants into paid, part-time employment bringing the total to three


Help Us Grow

At this time the Bakery Expansion seeks to:

  • Create a variety of seating for customers and the community
  • Expand our menu to include savory items such as sandwiches, soups and salads
  • Provide more and varied work experiences for our participants


Specifically, we are seeking funds for:

Purchases of a larger mixer and a bread slicer $3,000
Tables, chairs, and other furnishings for indoor and outdoor seating $2,000
Landscaping to include gardens and pruning apple tree $2,000
New signage to improve our visibility $500
Salary support for addl staff (25 hrs @ $15.50 for 24 weeks) $9,300
Scholarships to support current unsponsored participants $3,200
TOTAL $20,000

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this capital campaign. The results of this fundraiser will be priceless!!

What More Can You Do?

  • Share our campaign with your networks
  • Visit our bakery or order online
  • Volunteer with us
  • Follow us on Facebook


Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
, July 07, 2022
, July 07, 2022
Town Fair Tire Foundation Eat Haven, CT July 07, 2022
Leah Hudon Newport, NH June 29, 2022
Monica Blum Woodbridge, CT June 29, 2022
Sylvia Alberta Enfield, NH June 28, 2022
Anonymous Portsmouth, NH June 28, 2022
Theresa Joyal Newport, NH June 27, 2022
Mary O’Mara Newport, NH June 27, 2022
Richard Gassett Newport, NH June 27, 2022
Lauren Nelson Ryegate, VT June 26, 2022
susan johnson Hartford, VT June 24, 2022
Anonymous Etna, NH June 24, 2022
Joan Conrad Croydon, NH June 20, 2022
Tom & Jennifer Elliott Durham, NH June 20, 2022
Carole Carley Newport, NH June 20, 2022
Gail Cartier Newport, VT June 19, 2022
Susan Deland Pelham, NY June 19, 2022
Laurel Jackson Newport, NH June 18, 2022
, June 08, 2022
DING Fund Sunapee, NH June 08, 2022
Elaine Frank Newport, NH June 06, 2022
Cathryn Baird Newport, NH May 19, 2022
Charen Urban Newport, NH May 19, 2022
Pleasant Lake Veterinary Clinic New London, NH May 19, 2022
John & Linda Gibson North Sutton, NH May 19, 2022
Go Lightly Consignment New London, NH May 19, 2022
Dale Stillman Monroe Township, NJ May 11, 2022
John Chadwick Bradford, NH May 03, 2022
Marjorie Erickson New London, NH April 27, 2022
Elena and Kenneth Spence Ridgefield, CT April 27, 2022
Joyce Sielewicz Newport, NH April 25, 2022
Carroll Concrete Newport, NH April 25, 2022
Christie Whipple Newport, NH April 25, 2022
Laurel Jackson Newport, NH April 23, 2022
Rob and Maureen Prohl Elkins, NH April 23, 2022
, April 22, 2022
Tom & Jennifer Elliott Durham, NH April 20, 2022
Katelyn Heller Laramie, WY April 20, 2022
Margot Estabrook Newport, NH April 19, 2022
Dean Routson Baltimore, VT April 19, 2022
Joan Holleran New London, NH April 18, 2022
Jeffrey Bernier Newport, NH April 17, 2022
william chabot Canaan, NH April 15, 2022
Nathan and Kathy Walker new london, NH April 15, 2022
Catherine Kiernan New London, NH April 13, 2022
Anonymous Anonymous, NH April 13, 2022
Deborah Pasculano Boston, MA April 13, 2022
Betsy Harrison Georges Mills, VT April 12, 2022
Barbara Marzelli NEWBURY, NH April 12, 2022
Jonathan Kesler GREENSBORO, NC April 12, 2022
Nancy Larowe Norwich, VT April 11, 2022
Erik Schneiderhan Toronto, Ontario, April 11, 2022
william Ross seattle, WA April 11, 2022
Renee Ornes Andover, MA April 11, 2022
Kathleen Harris Venice, FL April 10, 2022
Cathryn Baird Newport, NH April 09, 2022
Sharon Morse Bradford, NH April 08, 2022
Ken & Jackie Wolff Campton, NH April 07, 2022
Catherine Barber Somerville, MA April 06, 2022
Judy Thackaberry Sunapee, NH April 05, 2022
Christine Consales Van Buren Twp, MI April 04, 2022
Susan Sherman Washington, DC April 04, 2022
Violet Simpson Newport, NH April 03, 2022
Janet Bavicchi New London, NH March 29, 2022
Jen Risley Keene, NH March 29, 2022

Campaign Updates

  • 4/17/2022

    Stretch Goal: So Generous!

    Our supporters have been so generous to us that we are stretching our goal to $20,000. This reflects our ongoing staffing and scholarship needs. We are so grateful for your enthusiastic support.

  • Matching Challenge and Happy Birthday to Aurora Bakery

    Some great news.

    We are excited to announce a matching challenge, now active on our crowdfunding campaign!

    An anonymous donor will match each donation dollar for dollar up to $250. That means your contribution will be doubled starting NOW. Support us today!

    It’s also our BIRTHDAY on Sunday, June 19!

    Join us in celebrating today, Saturday, June 18, at Aurora Bakery for our Open House. There will be birthday cake and other goodies for everyone to enjoy. We hope to see you there!


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  • Aurora Bakery Matching Challenge 1:1
    Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar you give will be matched (up to $250). Double your impact today!
    $250 matched of $250



10% off at Aurora Bakery

For any donation over $25, receive 10% off of any regular bakery or freezer purchase as a Thank You for your support

Estimated Delivery: October, 2022
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Invitation to our Re-opening Event

In addition to the discount above, donors of $100 or more will receive an invitation to Aurora's Re-opening event in Fall 2022

Estimated Delivery: October, 2022
1 backers


Special Tasting Event

In addition to the items above, donors will receive an invitation to a Special Tasting Event to help select the 2022 Holiday Menu

Estimated Delivery: November, 2022
0 backers


Raffle for an RTI Picnic and Walk

In addition to the above, one lucky donor will receive a Picnic Lunch carried by donkeys (optional) on a date and location mutually selected. The picnic will include both savory and sweet items from Aurora Bakery for up to 6 people. To be used by June 2023.

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