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Light the Nights at Whaleback: amp up your nighttime skiing and riding experience

Campaign Introduction:

Join us in improving night skiing and riding at Whaleback, the Upper Valley’s nonprofit outdoor snowsports destination. First $5,000 in donations matched by a generous local donor!


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2022


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2022


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Campaign Location:
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Campaign Story

We know and love night skiing and riding at Whaleback. More than 400 children in the Upper Valley learn to ski and ride after school in Whaleback’s educational programs each winter, and Whaleback is the primary training site for several youth alpine and freestyle training programs. Hundreds of young people and adults race in our Thursday night race leagues. On Friday nights, families flock to the mountain to ski and ride under the lights.

But we know available daylight in New Hampshire in winter months is limited, and there are corners of the mountain that can be pretty dark. A safe, enjoyable experience is at the heart of what Whaleback is all about, so we are asking for your support to amp up our nighttime lighting with new, energy efficient lights in a number of key spots along the trails. As a nonprofit, Whaleback relies on the generous support of people like you to keep the mountain operating year round.

Some of the spots we're targeting for lighting improvements are:

  • Upper Lift Line
  • Spout
  • Scrimshaw and Canyon

A generous local donor has agreed to match the first $5,000 in contributions from community members like you.

This campaign is about safer, better lighting, but it’s also a first step forward for Whaleback as we position ourselves to serve the Upper Valley into the next generation. After 10 years as a nonprofit organization, Whaleback is embarking on a major campaign to invest in the next generation. Capital improvements like safer, more energy efficient lighting are just the first step toward making our multi-year strategic plan a reality. Stay tuned for more exciting plans for improvements to snowmaking, lift accessibility and educational programs in the years ahead.

You can help by contributing financially in any amount below. Check out the swag and other rewards we’re offering for donors to this campaign! You can share this link with three people you know will support Whaleback, too. Can’t contribute financially? Consider spreading the word by telling a friend or family member about our upcoming summer events, or inviting them to ski and ride this winter! Have an idea for a corner of the mountain that needs better lighting? Email Executive Director Jon Hunt at If you love night skiing and riding at Whaleback, this is a great way to show your support and help Whaleback continuously improve what we offer.  

Whaleback aspires to be more than just a ski hill. We think places like Whaleback are what living in the Upper Valley special by offering a family friendly, affordable and accessible path to the outdoors. As a nonprofit community-focused facility serving the Upper Valley, Whaleback doesn’t exist without your support. Thank you for being part of this community, and see you soon at The Whale!

Campaign Rewards


Ski It To Believe It Sticker

Show your Whaleback pride with a Ski It To Believe It sticker

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
2 backers
298 rewards left


Whaleback Mountain T-Shirt

A brand new Whaleback Mountain shirt!

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
4 backers
96 rewards left


A Whaleback Mountain Trucker Hat

Your very own Whaleback Mountain Trucker Hat

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
6 backers
94 rewards left


A Single Raffle Entry For One Unlimited Season Pass

This reward gets you a single entry to win one unlimited season pass for you or anyone in your family! If you already purchased your 2022-2023 pass, you may defer this pass to 2023-2024 season.

Estimated Delivery: November, 2022
1 backers
9999 rewards left


A Single Raffle Entry For A "Night Out" On Whaleback!

This reward gets you a single entry to win two day or night ski passes and a gift card to a Salt Hill Pub! A night out courtesy of Whaleback Mountain!

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
1 backers
9999 rewards left


A Whaleback Mountain Pint Glass

Your very own Whaleback Mountain Pint Glass

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
8 backers
12 rewards left

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Meredith MacMartin Grantham, NH August 30, 2022
Jillian Ripa Exeter, NH August 27, 2022
Polly Antol Meriden, NH August 27, 2022
Julie Obbagy Medfield, MA August 27, 2022
Alison Crocker Grantham, NH August 27, 2022
Lori Ford Holderness, VT August 26, 2022
Ed Boudrot Gloucester, MA August 26, 2022
Steve Hender White River Junction, VT August 25, 2022
Michael Morris Lebanon, NH August 25, 2022
Anonymous ENFIELD, NH August 24, 2022
Thomas Therrien Moultonborough, MA August 23, 2022
Keith Brady Lebanon, VT August 23, 2022
Daniel Himmelstein Hanover, NH August 23, 2022
Catheryn Hembree Lebanon, NH August 23, 2022
Maxwell Porter Norwich, VT August 22, 2022
Timothy Manganello Lebanon, NH August 22, 2022
Josh Wardell Bethel, VT August 20, 2022
Jonathan Brooks Mansfield, MA August 19, 2022
Emily Rebori Waccabuc, NY August 19, 2022
William Whatley White River Junction, VT August 18, 2022
Tamsen Snyder Grantham, NH August 18, 2022
Becky Pingree Marblehead, MA August 18, 2022
Steve Greene Boston, MA August 18, 2022
Lois Davis Bow, NH August 18, 2022
Ian Wood New London, NH August 18, 2022
Angelika Kratzer Amherst, VT August 18, 2022
James Ricker Lyme, NH August 18, 2022
David Finley Etna, NH August 18, 2022
Matej Kenda Kittery, ME August 17, 2022
Daniel Parish Lyme, NH August 16, 2022
Sean Aubin Fairlee, VT August 16, 2022
Anonymous West lebanon, NH August 16, 2022
Justin Hodorek Lebanon, NH August 16, 2022
Ben Saunders Lyme, NH August 15, 2022
Justin Stark Grantham, NH August 14, 2022
Susan AuBuchon Sunapee, NH August 14, 2022
LISE LAHOOD Gloucester, MA August 13, 2022
Samantha House Etna, NH August 12, 2022
Brynn Kane Charlestown, NH August 12, 2022
Rod Glidden Lebanon, NH August 12, 2022
Amber Porter Lebanon, VT August 12, 2022
Allan Reetz Meriden, NH August 12, 2022
John Saunders Woodstock, NH August 11, 2022
Peter Brown New London, NH August 09, 2022
Timothy Canavan Sanbornton, NH August 09, 2022
Seamus King Rockaway Point, NY August 08, 2022
Alicia Dagrosa Norwich, VT August 08, 2022
Jared Bookman New York, NY August 07, 2022
Anonymous Portsmouth, NH August 06, 2022
Haley Todd Denver, CO August 06, 2022
Gregory Bower Stowe, VT August 06, 2022
Kimberlee Poirier Wilder, VT August 06, 2022
Anonymous Framingham, MA August 06, 2022
Steven Daniszewski ROCHESTER, NY August 06, 2022
Lisa Todd FINDLAY, OH August 05, 2022
Anonymous Dover, VT August 05, 2022
Anonymous Framingham, MA August 05, 2022
Danny Moore PLainfield, NH August 05, 2022
Norman Berman Plainfield, NH August 05, 2022
Anonymous New Haven, CT August 05, 2022
Anonymous Boston, MA August 05, 2022
Jeremiah Kelly Hampton, NH August 05, 2022
Anne Farrell Lebanon, NH August 05, 2022
Mark Fritzen Brighton, VT August 05, 2022
Anonymous Somerville, MA August 05, 2022
Tim Lin lebanon, NH August 05, 2022
Tim Baker Portland, OR August 05, 2022
Anonymous Hanover, NH August 05, 2022
Luke Gorman New London, NH August 05, 2022
John Schiffman Lebanon, NH August 04, 2022
Cornelia Purcell Hanover, NH August 03, 2022
Barbara McKeon QUECHEE, VT August 03, 2022
Nicholas Purcell Hanover, NH August 03, 2022
matthew knittle lebanon, NH August 03, 2022
Brian Mack Plainfield, NH August 02, 2022
Tyler Lewis Meriden, NH August 02, 2022
Catherine Lacey Hanover, NH August 02, 2022
Kris Garnjost Windsor, VT August 02, 2022
Adam Dragon New London, NH August 02, 2022
Mark Moales Grantham, NH August 02, 2022
Courtney Farrell Hanover, NH August 02, 2022
Jeffrey McPherson West Lebanon, NH August 02, 2022
Devan Tracy Meriden, NH August 02, 2022
Kate Lyon Lebanon, NH August 02, 2022
Charlotte Alberts Silver Spring, MD August 02, 2022
GARRETT CHACE croydon, NH August 02, 2022
Alison Evans Hanover, NH August 02, 2022
Kristal Dragon New London, NH August 01, 2022
Bradley Hastings GRAFTON, NH August 01, 2022
Robert Ruel New London, NH August 01, 2022
Elizabeth Morrow Etna, VT August 01, 2022
Carolyn Cusick Enfield, NH August 01, 2022
Daniella Reichstetter Hanover, NH August 01, 2022
Tim Gibson Haverhill, MA August 01, 2022
Kevin Ramos-Glew Meriden, NH August 01, 2022
Sarah Billmeier Hanover, NH August 01, 2022
Nicolas Cusick Duxbury, MA August 01, 2022
Samuel Westelman Dallas, TX August 01, 2022
Dick and Carol Clapp East Orleans, MA August 01, 2022
Khara Benoit Sunapee, NH August 01, 2022
Anonymous Enfield, NH August 01, 2022
Brad Nichol Dover, MA August 01, 2022
Louise Stark Grantham, NH August 01, 2022
Clifford Roberts Jackson, WY August 01, 2022
Eric Murphy West Lebanon, NJ August 01, 2022
Doug Clark Canaan, VT August 01, 2022
Asher Johnson HOPKINTON, NH August 01, 2022
Jonathan Hunt Etna, VT August 01, 2022
John Connolly enfield, NH August 01, 2022
Judith Barker West Lebanon, NH, NH August 01, 2022
Jonathan Stark Grantham, NH August 01, 2022
Stephen Kantor Lebanon, NH August 01, 2022
Katharine Navins Norwich, VT August 01, 2022
Anonymous Concord, NH August 01, 2022
Stuart Winchester Brooklyn, NY August 01, 2022
Anonymous Lebanon, NH August 01, 2022
The Greenspan Foundation Lebanon, NH July 26, 2022
Jen Risley Keene, NH July 26, 2022

Campaign Updates

  • Wow! Over 50% In The First Day-Let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Keep Up This Momentum!!

    We are overwhelmed by the love and support from this community.  Thanks to you, we have reached over 50% on the very first day.  We are beyond grateful for anyone who donated, shared or talked about our campaign.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    It is not over yet, we need your help to keep this momentum going strong!  Please share this campaign with your friends, family, loved-ones and even random people on the street!  If we can keep this campaign circulating, we can light the nights at The Whale!

    We want to hear from you!  Shoot me an email and let me know why you contributed to this campaign and what makes it special to you.

    With Love,


    Director Of Business Operations

  • We Hit 10k! Over 2/3rds Of Our Goal!

    Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    We have surpassed $10,000 donated, over 2/3rds of our final goal!!!  We are filled with gratitude for the love and support you all have for the little mountain that could.  We could not do this without you! Your donations are going to have a direct impact kids, adults and your night skiing/riding experience at The Whale in the very near future!

    Let’s keep the momentum going by sharing, talking about or sending this campaign to your friends, family, loved ones and any snow sport enthusiast you may know.  We have to reach our 15k goal to improve all the lighting areas in our plan and you can help us do so by getting the word out.

    I am personally so thrilled to see this campaign doing so well and we owe the success to you all.

    Enjoy the weekend! I am melting in this heat and can’t wait to be standing on the side of Spout in the -10°F weather again.

    With love,


    Director Of Business Operations

  • We hit 75%!

    We have passed 75% of our total goal! Many thanks to anyone who has donated or helped support our campaign!

    We are so close, let’s get this final push to hit our full goal of 15k- we need your continued support!  Keep talking about, sharing and telling others about how much you love The Whale and what this campaign means to you.

    With your help, we can reach our goal and light the nights at The Whale!

    With love,



  • We are so close! Less than 5% away!


    We are so so close!  Less than 5% away.


    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and supported this campaign.  Help us reach our goal, we are so close!

  • We Did It!

    We are thrilled to announce we have reached and exceeded our fundraising goal!  We are overwhelmed by the support and love you all have for this mountain.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared or supported our campaign.  We could not have done it without you.  We are so excited to light the nights at Whaleback!!!!

  • Check Out The New Lights On Spout!

    You may have seen them from the highway because these are BRIGHT!  A huge thanks to everyone who supported this campaign and made this possible.  Check back soon for more updates


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