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Peanuts Dog Treats envisions a community where all animals are given an equal opportunity to live a long happy life with their forever family. Our local animal shelters give these animals the best chance of survival but they cannot do it alone. With your support of our start up business now, we will assist our community animal shelters with the caring for these animals in the future. Help us realize our vision!

Help Support a Local Business: Peanuts Dog Treats – From Pop-Up to Permanent Shop

by Samantha O'Gara

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  • Jul 2022

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Charlestown, NH

Samantha O'Gara

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Campaign Story

The Beginning 


Peanut stole our hearts the moment she was plopped into my arms on pick-up day. My fiancé and I treat her like gold and want the best of everything for her to ensure she lives a long, happy life. It was my fiancé’s idea to begin making my own dog treats, and I quickly fell in love with it! Now, I am sure most of you know this, but pugs can get pretty chunky fast if they are not on a healthy diet. By making my own treats, I had complete control over what was going into her body and it gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t filling her up with harmful ingredients. I want other dog owners to feel that peace of mind as well — and that is what sparked turning this into a business! Right now we are running a pop up shop for the month of June and the positive response from the community has made us want to expand Peanuts Dog Treats into a permanent pet store.

Our Mission

Our business focuses on creating preservative-free dog treats that support a healthy diet at an affordable price. Our company would like to give back to the community and dogs in need by donating a portion of our profits to animal shelters in need each month. A list of possible donation candidates will be put together through community suggestions and each month a new shelter will be randomly chosen to receive all donations for the corresponding month. That’s 12 shelters a year receiving a donation! Of course, if the demand for our products increases and it creates an overwhelming amount of donations, we would increase the number of shelters chosen per month.


Here are a few of our treats:

Dog B Day Cake!

Here are some furry friends we have met along the way:

Moving Forward   

We are looking to turn into a permanent pet store that supplies quality animal products at an affordable price. The funding we are looking for is $5,000.00 to support the business fees and production costs as well as start up costs such as displays, products, signs, and marketing. A portion of the funds would be used for registration fees in the state of NH and VT required for the legal sale of pet feed, as well as lab testing fees for each product that are also required by both NH and VT. Bulk ingredients, kitchen equipment and commercial kitchen equipment will also take up a large portion of our budget to ensure that we are operating legally and to the standards of the VT and NH Departments of Agriculture. Our vision for this store is to have high quality products that include all different types of animals.

We need your help sharing this campaign with as many people as you can and contributing financial support when possible. Thank you!

Pop Up Shop Opening Day!


Prefer to support this campaign offline? Please make a check out to Samantha O’Gara (with Peanuts Dog Treats in the memo) and mail it to Samantha O’Gara, 23 Morways Park Charlestown NH 03603.







Thank you!

As a thank you for your contribution peanut would like to send you a personal thank you card signed by her paw print!

Estimated Delivery: August, 2022
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Mini Gourmet Treat Basket

This basket is filled with 10 various gourmet dog treats from cookies to cakes! If your pup has any food allergies we can work around them and if you don't have a dog you can donate your basket to someone you know!

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
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  • 30% Reached!

    Thank for helping us reach 30% of our goal! We are one step closer to bringing a pet supply store to the Charlestown and Springfield areas. We are in the process of looking for a good in store location and are working on gathering more information on what supplies we will carry. Please share our campaign with others who want to help support a local business as well our local animal shelters. Thank you! -Samantha and Peanut

Name Campaign Location Date
Anonymous Charlestown, NH June 16, 2022
Dan O’Gara Lempster, NH June 15, 2022
Anonymous Charlestown, NH June 15, 2022
Anonymous White River Junction, VT June 15, 2022
Alyssa Jarvis Ascutney, VT June 10, 2022
Anonymous Charlestown, NH June 09, 2022
Jen Risley Keene, NH June 09, 2022


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