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Sunapee Region ARTS ATLAS

Campaign Introduction:

The greater Sunapee area is rich with 125+ Arts and Cultural Assets that make the region an exceptional place to live, work and visit. Help us to AMPLIFY them!

By creating an artful, hand-illustrated cultural asset map and powerful, complementary interactive website, the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas aims to define the region, promote a sense of place, and spur community and economic development in this under-represented region through the powerful lens of the arts.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Jun 2021


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Jun 2021


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

We need your help to launch the new Sunapee Region Arts Atlas!
Find out WHY this arts map will bring a collective voice to the cultural destinations throughout the Greater Sunapee Region below!

The Sunapee Region Arts Atlas is a colorful, engaging Arts & Culture Asset Map that invites everyone to explore the communities in the greater Sunapee region through an artistic lens, and gives these destinations a collective voice through a powerful map platform.
The project consists of two parts:
1) a hand-illustrated, colorful paper map that highlights the region’s exceptional galleries & museums, arts & cultural hubs, music venues, historic sites, theaters, dance companies, libraries & more, that will be widely distributed throughout the area this summer, as well as…
2) an engaging online interactive map platform. The corresponding digital map & website will boast an extensive directory of related businesses and attractions alongside the cultural assets–inviting both residents and visitors to explore and fully experience what the region has to offer. The site has a planned launch of late fall 2021.

By highlighting related assets throughout the region like restaurants and eateries, hotels & accommodations, local shopping, trails and recreation along with arts destinations, the Atlas defines a sense of place, and leverages the connectivity between organizations, artists and businesses to highlight our regional identity, spur economic development, and promote tourism.

The Arts Atlas is a core project of the Arts & Business Alliance–a coalition of area arts organizations, businesses and community leaders that focuses on creating arts and business partnerships to boost the local economy.
It is no secret that the Sunapee Region is absolutely teeming with incredible arts and cultural assets. The Arts experiences you can have in this region are second to none, and they make this region a phenomenal place to live, work and visit. In the Sunapee region, the arts are truly where community and culture meet. The reality is that many of these cultural institutions are under-represented, under-resourced and working independently, as islands of greatness, but their efforts are often overshadowed by the cultural pillars in the regions just to our north and south. The variety of galleries, museums, music venues, theaters, libraries and historical institutions we have here are phenomenal… they just need to be amplified.
Now we need YOUR help. The Arts Atlas will cost $30,000 to complete, but the great news is that we’re already halfway there! We are thrilled to partner with The Local Crowd Upper Valley to help complete the project.
This unified approach to marketing will help to illuminate what’s already here, and encourage both residents and visitors alike to explore the many cultural gems that make the region special. We believe that it’s through linking arms with our fellow arts organizations, and branding the strength of our creative assets together that our efforts will have the most impact. Help support the campaign by spreading the word about the Arts Atlas and all the value it will bring by sharing in your networks. Your generosity will literally help ensure that Arts have a “place on the map” in our region for years to come.
Please help share our campaign, contribute, and help us launch the Arts Atlas today!
Find out more about the project at

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
, July 01, 2021
Brendan Minnihan Greenfield , NH July 01, 2021
Anonymous New London, NH July 01, 2021
Cathryn Baird Newport , NH July 01, 2021
Mary Schissel Newport, NH July 01, 2021
Anonymous Sunapee, NH June 30, 2021
Douglas Peel New London, NH June 28, 2021
Jen Risley Keene, NH June 26, 2021
Michael Kiess EAST THETFORD, VT June 23, 2021
Ashlee Rowley New London, NH June 22, 2021
Penelope Obenshain Chicago, IL June 19, 2021
Judy Thackaberry New London , NH June 19, 2021
, June 18, 2021
, June 18, 2021
Laura French Warner, NH June 18, 2021
Joyce & Tony Collucci Newport, NH June 15, 2021
Deborah Stone Newport, NH June 15, 2021
Jennifer O’Neil Newport, NH June 15, 2021
Shandi Elliott Wilmot , NH June 14, 2021
Caitlin Mauser Rowe Sunapee, NH June 09, 2021
Greg Berger New London, NH June 03, 2021
Nancy Larowe Norwich, VT May 31, 2021
Greg & Ann Stout Newport, NH May 29, 2021
Michael Mosley CHEVY CHASE, MD May 27, 2021
Luann Justak Stuart, FL May 26, 2021
Virginia Irwin Newport, NH May 26, 2021
Kate Luppold Newport, NH May 25, 2021
Sheryl Rich-Kern Newport, NH May 25, 2021
Kathryn and Ted Niboli Newport, NH May 22, 2021
Janet Haines Newport, NH May 21, 2021
Roger Wells North Sutton, NH May 20, 2021
Cathy Cassato Georges mills, NH May 20, 2021
Jean Spaulding Sunapee, NH May 20, 2021
Isa Rex New London, NH May 19, 2021
Barbara Sullivan Georges Mills , NH May 19, 2021
Jim and Jean Connolly New London, NH May 18, 2021
Meg Cowan Wilmot, NH May 17, 2021
Fran Huot Newport, NH May 17, 2021
Suzanne Connary Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Mascoma Bank Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce Newport, May 04, 2021
Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Center for the Arts Lake Sunapee Region Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Library Arts Center Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Newport Area Chamber of Commerce Newport, NH May 04, 2021
Sullivan County Newport, NH May 04, 2021

Campaign Updates

  • 25-05-2021

    We’ve passes $19,000!

    Thanks to our incredible donors thus far for your support to make the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas a reality!
    We’re pleased to announce that just over a week into our campaign we’ve just passed the $19,000 mark, and we’re well on our way to reaching our $30,000 to complete the map.⁠

    Word about the Arts Atlas is getting around! It’s been so encouraging to hear such positive feedback from people throughout the many communities represented in this project about what a tremendous resource this will be for our region. We couldn’t agree more! The Arts Atlas will bring so much value.

  • 17-06-2021

    Help us reach $25,000 by Fri. 6/18!

    We’re so grateful for the support of our local communities to help make the Arts Atlas a reality. Our fundraising campaign continues through the month of June, and we’re getting so much closer! We’ve just received a new revision of the map from artist Dana Saulnier, and OH MY! It’s looking amazing!

    We have a bold goal: We’re hoping to reach $25,000 (83% of our total fundraising goal) by this Friday, June 18th. Will you consider donating and help make the Arts Atlas a reality?

    Our Crowdfunding Campaign with via The Local Crowd continues through June 30th, and our fundraising is now officially more than 2/3 complete! Thanks to all who have donated thus far!

  • 30-06-2021

    We’re almost there! Help us cross the finish line.

    We’re in the final stretch of our Crowdfunding campaign with The Local Crowd and Vital Communities, and we are SO close to our goal of reaching $30,000 to complete the Arts Atlas! We’re 90% of the way there! Today is the final day to support the campaign!

    If you believe this region is filled with cultural gems and that this resource will area artists and arts organizations and boost the creative economy in our communities, we would so appreciate your support.

    The Arts Atlas speaks to the immense quality of life the arts bring, and benefits…
    * artists
    * arts organizations
    * businesses
    * tourists
    * residents (and potential residents)
    * employers
    * municipalities
    This is no ordinary tourism map!–it’s an artful invitation to explore what makes the region special.

    Give online at this page until this Wednesday, June 30th. Thanks for supporting the arts!

  • 01-07-2021

    We did it!

    Thank you to all of our donors!! We have officially closed our crowdfunding campaign with a bang! We surpassed our initial goal of $30,000, allowing us to make some of the big “hope to’s” of the project become a reality much sooner. This additional support helps to put maps in more locations, and in the hands of more people, and create a broader reach with the interactive website. Many thanks to ALL who supported us along the way–whether with a share, a donation, or positive words about the project. We love that this campaign allowed so many people to learn about and support this powerful, collaborative work in our region. Now we move on to the final stretch in completing the project!

    Things are getting quite busy as we round the corner toward completion of the paper map…

    • The Arts Atlas map and brochure are in the final stages of illustration and design, and will be going to print in late July. The map looks AMAZING! We can’t wait to get it into your hands so you can begin to explore the greater Sunapee Region through an artistic lens. We are thrilled that this is truly a local project—illustrated by local artist Dana Saulnier, and the maps will also be printed locally by RC Brayshaw!
    • We just received a beautiful new logo from the creative team at Center for Community GIS, and we could not be happier with how it turned out! The team at CCGIS will now shift efforts to setting up our new interactive website—with a planned launch in late fall of this year.
    • A map launch party is planned to celebrate the completion of the project on August 18th! Core partners, donors, and all those who have worked tirelessly on the Arts Atlas will celebrate this milestone and get a first look at the maps.
    • Maps will be distributed around the region following the launch party. Be on the lookout for copies at a location near you in mid to late August!
    • The core team will work to catalogue the hundreds of destinations, artist listings and cultural events that will be featured on the interactive website and begin entering the tremendous amount of data on the back end of the website.

    Thank you again for helping to amplify the arts through the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas! We look forward to updating you soon.

    The Arts Atlas Team
    of the Arts & Business Alliance

    P.S. If you contributed to the campaign at a $100 level or above, stay tuned for an email with information about your tickets to our map launch party on Wed. Aug. 18th!

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Two Tickets to the Arts Atlas Launch Party!
We would love to thank donors who give a contribution of $100+ with two tickets to the festive fun when we launch the Arts Atlas map later this year. Location + Details TBA.

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