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Because there will not be a live production of “The Christmas Revels” due to COVID-19, Revels North is instead producing a 15-20 minute film called “The Christmas Revels: All Shall Be Well Again,” available to the public in November. Your support for this project will help make free viewings of the film possible and create work opportunities for those in the arts, as “The Christmas Revels” does every year. Those who make a living in the creative sector have been especially hard hit by COVID-19.

The Christmas Revels: All Shall Be Well Again

by Jen Risley

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New Hampshire & Vermont

Jen Risley

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Please consider supporting “The Christmas Revels: All Shall Be Well Again” as a crowdfunding sponsor. Your sponsorship of this film helps make free viewings of this film possible and creates work opportunities for those in the arts, including New Hampshire and Vermont artists, as “The Christmas Revels” does every year. Those who make a living in the creative sector have been especially hard hit by COVID-19.
“The Christmas Revels,” one of the Upper Valley’s most unique and popular holiday traditions since 1975, enjoyed a new beginning in 2019 with our move to Lebanon Opera House. “An English Celebration of the Winter Solstice” was enthusiastically received both by longtime Revels audiences and those seeing the show for the first time. Over 3,000 people attended the five performances, with audience members coming from 87 New Hampshire and 92 Vermont towns, making this a true regional event. Although Revels North was eagerly anticipating the follow-up to our debut production in our new home, COVID-19 has forced us to change plans, as it has for every performing arts organization across the country. This summer, Revels North made the necessary decision to cancel December’s live Christmas Revels production due to the pandemic. Fortunately, we have had time to turn this challenge into an exciting opportunity, both for Revels North and our audience:
Revels North will produce a 15-20 minute film called “The Christmas Revels: All Shall Be Well Again,” available to the public starting in mid-November.
Our artistic partners include SALT Project, a small three-time Emmy-award winning non-profit film production company based in Keene, NH, and No Strings Marionette Company of Randolph, VT.
​This film will keep the annual “Christmas Revels” tradition alive for our audience by creating a surprising, entertaining, and safe alternative to the live production. We will provide a range of ways for people to view this film in their homes, including for free through local media resources such as CATV and on social media platforms such as Facebook. We recognize that many families have felt severe financial hardship due to COVID-19, so creating free opportunities to view “The Christmas Revels” will help bring joy to their holidays. The shortness of the film, the inclusion of SALT Project’s nuanced animation and No Strings Marionette Company’s artistry, and the opportunity for free viewings will also appeal to people who have never attended “The Christmas Revels” before and want to get a sense of why it has been an Upper Valley tradition for 45 years. Our hope is that this film itself becomes a new holiday tradition for Upper Valley families.
The initial response within the Revels North community to news about this film has been wildly enthusiastic. With potential audiences not limited this year by geography, calendar, or price, we see potential for this film to be viewed by more people than any Revels North production of “The Christmas Revels” in our history.
For more information, please go to
Thank you for your support!



Revels Fan
Free film rental on Vimeo starting weekend of November 20.

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Revels Supporter
Invitation to sneak preview and Q&A session on Sunday, November 15; exclusive access to "behind-the-scenes" events leading up to the film's release featuring No Strings Marionette Company (Thursday, October 22), musicians Jane Boxall and Alex Cumming (Thursday, October 29), and SALT Project (Thursday, November 5); and a free film purchase on Vimeo.

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Revels Sustainer
Co-host Facebook "Watch Party" for your family and friends with Revels North.

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Revels Sponsor
Private one-hour Zoom event for your family and friends with Nils Fredland or Brian Cook: choice of film Q&A following Watch Party and Christmas Revels sing, Virtual Pub Sing with Nils, or Beatles set with Brian.

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  • 16-10-2020

    Almost to the Finish Liine!

    Thank you for the overwhelming support! We are so appreciative of the many donations and sponsors of Revels North!

    Like most performing arts organizations, Revels North is turning these challenging times in to an opportunity: We are producing a 20 minute film, “The Christmas Revels: All Shall Be Well Again”, which we’ll be able to provide free to the community for home viewing- with your help!

    We are so close to our goal and only need $3000 more to cover the production cost of this exciting venture. Donate at least $75 to get your name in the credits (choose the Revels Fan Reward). The deadline for being listed in the credits is fast approaching (Monday October 19), so donate today!

Name Campaign Location Date
Danielle Cohen Norwich, VT November 03, 2020
Jacqueline Christie Norwich, VT October 22, 2020
Paul Kaplita Southbury, CT October 23, 2020
Anonymous Hartford, VT October 22, 2020
Matthew Young White River Junction, VT October 21, 2020
Peter Carter NORWICH, VT October 21, 2020
Anonymous Hanover , NH October 19, 2020
Monique Haché Roswell, GA October 19, 2020
Amanda Kuhnert South Woodstock, VT October 19, 2020
David McGaw Canaan, NH October 19, 2020
Heather Nowlan Quechee, VT October 20, 2020
gwendolyn thompson Norwich, VT October 19, 2020
Robert Klein South Strafford, VT October 19, 2020
Corlan Johnson Norwich , VT October 20, 2020
Maria Schell Plainfield, NH October 19, 2020
Jeff and Susan Goodell Newbury, VT October 19, 2020
Patricia Piotrowski Norwich, VT October 19, 2020
Natalie Junio-Thompson Poughkeepsie, NY October 20, 2020
Anonymous Etna, NH October 20, 2020
Heather Salon Norwich, VT October 20, 2020
Deb Kunhardt Lyme, NH October 20, 2020
Kimberly Troland South Strafford, VT October 18, 2020
Patti Emerson Milford, NH October 19, 2020
Joseph Kwiatkowski Fredonia, NY October 19, 2020
Nina McCampbell Norwich, VT October 18, 2020
Kimberley Spensley Pittsford, VT October 19, 2020
Jennifer Curtin Washington, VT October 19, 2020
Cassandra Mason Concord, NH October 19, 2020
Brucie Hubbell Norwich, VT October 18, 2020
Karen Zook Lebanon, NH October 19, 2020
Anonymous Newbury, VT October 18, 2020
Deborah Steele Lebanon , NH October 17, 2020
Richard Granger Hanover, NH October 17, 2020
Lynne Wolf White River Jct , VT October 17, 2020
Carol Rougvie West Lebanon, NH October 17, 2020
Anonymous Hanover, NH October 17, 2020
Rebecca Darling Enfield, NH October 17, 2020
Anonymous Hart putn, VT October 17, 2020
Michael Whitman Lyme , NH October 16, 2020
Anonymous North Pomfret, VT October 16, 2020
Mark Blanchard Orford, NH October 16, 2020
Eve Ermer Tunbridge , VT October 17, 2020
Emma & Rebecca Behrens White River Junction, VT October 17, 2020
SUE ETKIND Grantham, NH October 15, 2020
Anonymous Chelsea, VT October 15, 2020
Anonymous Elkins, NH October 15, 2020
Jen and Finch Shepherd Norwich, VT October 15, 2020
Liz Ryan Cole Thetford, VT October 15, 2020
Andy Davis Brattleboro, VT October 15, 2020
George Grabe Plainfield, NH October 15, 2020
Anonymous Bradford, NH October 16, 2020
Frances Eanet Norwich, VT October 16, 2020
Bronwen Lewis West Lebanon , NH October 15, 2020
Linda and Dick Mackay Hanover, NH October 15, 2020
Jenn Langhus Norwich, VT October 15, 2020
Amey Moot Dover, MA October 16, 2020
Emily Blanchard Lyme, NH October 14, 2020
Lester Gibbs West Lebanon, NH October 13, 2020
Marlene Adams South Royalton, VT October 11, 2020
Mark Parquette Deerfield, NH October 11, 2020
Pat MacPherson Montague, MA October 09, 2020
Wendy Fredland Annapolis , MD October 09, 2020
Larissa King Plainfield, NH October 09, 2020
Kevin Scully Port Washington, NY October 10, 2020
, October 06, 2020
, October 06, 2020
, October 06, 2020
, October 06, 2020
, October 07, 2020
Erika Hoffman-Kiess East Thetford, VT October 06, 2020


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