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As big-name delivery apps made their way into the Upper Valley, they began taking profits away from business owners, underpaying delivery drivers, and providing subpar service. U.V.E.R. is different; we are committed to creating a delivery service that relies on customer satisfaction and keeping dollars local, helping communities thrive.

U.V.E.R. – Consumer Co-op Delivery Service

by Jen Risley

  • $6,500

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  • $3,960

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  • Oct 2021

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Upper Valley, NH

Jen Risley

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Campaign Story

U.V.E.R.— the Upper Valley’s first consumer co-op delivery service– launched earlier this summer; now, we need your help raising $6,500 to fund two e-bikes. The e-bikes will be critical in the growth of U.V.E.R., allowing for more efficient deliveries in the heart of the Upper Valley and ensuring a commitment to sustainability. U.V.E.R.’s vision is to create a consumer-oriented delivery service that is entirely controlled by local businesses, guaranteeing customer care and low delivery costs.
In early July, Chris Acker, Executive Director of U.V.E.R. and Upper Valley native, worked with local business owners, Vital Communities, and the Upper Valley Business Alliance to launch the first phase of the cooperative delivery service in Hanover. U.V.E.R. provides delivery services from Lou’s Restaurant and Bakery, Boloco Modern Mexican, Murphy’s on the Green, and Impasto Italian Eatery.
We plan to expand delivery services throughout the Upper Valley in a series of regional phases. As we grow, U.V.E.R. plans on delivering from more local restaurants you love and eventually provide grocery and CSA drop-offs!
All of the funds raised from this campaign will go directly towards purchasing two e-bikes, increasing the delivery capabilities of U.V.E.R. and helping us grow our reach across our local community.



UVER Co-op membership with founding member sticker

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UVER Co-op membership with founding member sticker

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Free UVER Delivery for a month (max 12 deliveries)

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UVER Co-op membership + Free UVER Delivery for a month (max 12 deliveries)

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UVER Co-op membership with sticker & t-shirt (limited edition founding member logo)

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$100 UVER Gift Card

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$100 gift card, t-shirt, UVER CO-OP membership, sticker

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  • 20-09-2021

    Help Us Get an E-Bike

    Our first two months delivering to the UV community have gone by in a blur! Thank you for your support. As we look ahead, we hope to make our deliveries more sustainable by adding two e-bikes to our fleet.

  • 26-09-2021

    Matching Challenge Alert!

    We wanted to share this fantastic news with you:
    An anonymous donor will match your support for our Keep Delivery Dollars Local crowdfunding campaign $$ for $$ up to $500. Support U.V.E.R’s campaign today by sharing this challenge with you contacts.
    Thank you for your continued support!

  • Delivery Radius Expanded

    Delivery Radius Expanded to 7 Miles

    We bumped our delivery radius up from 5 to 7 miles as the crow flies from the restaurant you choose on U.V.E.R.!





  • The (sad) end to U.V.E.R.

    I’m sad to announce the official end of the experiment we fondly called UVER, and more formally known as the Upper Valley Eateries and Retail (Delivery) Coop. Although many of us in the community are still passionate about the important cause UVER worked to achieve (keeping local money local, for starters!), as things stand, we are not be able to continue.

    UVER’s demise was caused by a few factors. First, as we’ve seen with many national tech companies (Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash) who have aimed to do the same in hundreds of cities and towns around the country, this is anything but easy. The financial model is tough, and without significant outside investment capital, it just didn’t work. In order to reach breakeven, UVER needed about 1000 members and about 30 restaurants to cover the cost of insurance and staff.

    In our planning we overestimated how much Dartmouth College would use the service, how many restaurants would join, and how many deliveries we would do per day. As a result, the service required more and more investment to stay alive and the path to cover our costs became too far to reach for our small group. After contributing tens of thousands of dollars and several hundred hours of volunteer time, the founders and board members simply could not justify keeping it alive as a legitimate standalone business.

    I’m happy to share more about what I have learned over the past year. And of course, feel free to reach out with questions should you have them. We are all grateful for the support so many of you provided this past year. THANK YOU for being a generous contributor to this important community effort!

    ~ The U.V.E.R. Founders <>

Name Campaign Location Date
Diane Sontum Laramie, WY October 29, 2021
, October 29, 2021
Sophia Haley Hopkins, MN October 25, 2021
, October 25, 2021
Anonymous , October 26, 2021
Angela Emerson wilder, VT October 08, 2021
, October 08, 2021
Anonymous Canaan, NH September 24, 2021
, September 24, 2021
Anonymous Hanover, NH September 24, 2021
Susan Hanifin Hanover, NH September 22, 2021
Anonymous Westborough, MA September 21, 2021
Ken Morley West Lebanon , NH September 19, 2021
Laura Gillespie West Lebanon, NH September 15, 2021
Anonymous Plainfield, NH September 15, 2021
Marcy Chong hartland, VT September 14, 2021
Phillip mulligan Chelsea, VT September 10, 2021
Deb Nelson Hanover, NH September 11, 2021
Nancy LaRowe Norwich, VT September 07, 2021
Jen Risley Keene, NH September 05, 2021
Jen Risley Keene, NH September 05, 2021
, September 04, 2021


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